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Walking At Myrtle Point, What Will I See?

Depends on the season and on which way you’re looking.
Maybe in March you’ll see an osprey just home from South America.
Or in April, a newborn fawn lying on dry leaves.
Come June, perhaps a diamondback terrapin laying eggs on a sandbar.
Or in Augusts’ heat, a blue crab scuttling into a tidal pond in search of minnows.
Down Mill Creek Lane in October, there’s sure to be a fox eating almost ripe persimmons.
And most any season, you may meet an old druid along Deep Woods Trail,
wondering why the wild cherry and oak have grown together.

- Billy Milkweed –

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Recommended Hikes:

Mill Creek Lane – 1 mile: Hike begins at the main parking lot. This hike is a pleasant walk along a grass lane to Mill Creek Picnic Area beach and back. A picnic table overlooks Mill Creek.

Kingfisher Trail – 1 ¼ mile: Hike begins at the main parking lot. Kingfisher Trail winds through the woods, past ferns to the rich Kingfisher Point and beach. It continues along the cliffs overlooking the Patuxent River and returns through a deep pine grove to the parking lot.

Deep Woods Trail – 2 miles: Trail begins at the main parking lot or off Kingfisher Trail. Meander past oaks, hollies, and a very large tulip tree as you experience the serenity of the Deep Woods Trail. You will pass running cedar, also called crow’s foot, and twisted cherries.

Perimeter Hike – 2.7 miles: Pick up this hike anywhere on the perimeter of the park. This hike combines parts of all of the other hikes to circle the park.

Wet Sox Trail – ½ mile loop: Trail begins at Ghost Beach. After a rain, this trail can be wet! This beach trail offers beautiful vistas of the Solomon’s Bridge and access to favorite fishing spots. Continue through the woods and return along a hilly grassy lane.


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